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8 things to do when you turn 20

8 things to do when you turn 20

Hey fam! I wanna ask you something. Do you regret or have you ever regretted for your mistakes which you could have avoided easily but still you didn't because you weren't told about them and then you have to lose something or in short you have to pay an amount for that whether you've to give extra efforts or then you've to consume knowledge or you've to lose a good position in a company?

So, we all do that. We all commit mistakes. Don't we? But only few lucky people get guidance and mentor who can show the correct path in our practical life.

Author of this book has experienced something similar. He had none in his teenage years and his twenties to make him understand the real value of his time, energy and skills.

Although, I've read many self help books but this one is totally different and i think the best as of now in just these 8 chapters.

These 8 chapters can be saviour if somebody takes them seriously and learn them, apply them in their life.

Author has used practical examples which makes it extremely interesting to read.

Here's a quick question, do you know or have you seen people around you with lots of degrees but they don't know how to start applying that knowledge and how to use those skills in their lives? They don't know how to become financially independent because they were taught to cram the books, get the degrees, dream big and look for good packages in the market after getting those degrees. But what about the skills?
We can develop high earning skills in our teenage years and it has even become very common these days using digital media.

Well, it has been a lot more than I had to say. I liked everything in the book and found quite practical. The 80-20 rule by author is something which should be thought about. Pick up this book to find about that and a lot more.
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