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A demon's love

A demon's love

πŸ“– NAME - A Demon's love
πŸ“– Author - Arshiya Kamal
πŸ“– Genre - Historical, Mystery, Fantasy
πŸ“– Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
One of the best recent novel that I read, First of all the work is very structured and perfectly compiled and as a reader I has a best experience and the book cover is something that first attracted me and is most appropriate. The content is what the best among all because, one word to describe is "Perfect" As the boom perfectly describes the characters and the background along with the context that gives the reader a better experience. This book has alot of twist and turns and I was actually immersed into this book, because of its nerve wrecking story. I highly recommend this just go for it.
Synopsis: "What dark did you conquer in your story? Because Mountains don't rise without earthquakes." Mirela and Conlead have an impossible love story, but they begin to unravel another one which was sacred and envied by gods, one that turned everything into chaos. In a kingdom of dust and magic of Fratakaras the Asters Queen; Habib, falls in love with death himself a Demon, Akram. Love destructs the ones in it, and everything and everyone around them is something Akram and Habib were unaware of. After overcoming all the consequences of an an gel and a demon being together, The angels and demons unite their nations for Habib and Akram. but what if making them fall in love was a plan, what if everything done to them was a betrayal and after all this, their only sign of love, their child was asked to be sacrificed for saving Fratakharas and deava lands. And the queen would do anything to save her kingdom. When love is with the wrong person it's flames always.
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