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A mindful mind

A mindful mind

'A story of hope, despair, love, success and recovery.'
A mindful mind by Kabir Roy is a thoughtful story whose protagonist is Anikaa. Anikaa, a small villaged girl with high dreams. The story starts with the graduation day of Anikaa and her best friend Avika. 
Anikaa was from financial background and she was hoping to join her job in one of the finest banks in India when everything in her life turns upside down.
A noble man,Vivek and his Guruji has played an important role in rebuilding the hope in Anikaa's life.
The book has 10 chapters, narration is well and language is simple. I liked the author's way of including quotes at the end of each chapter which totally relates with them.
The book is thoughtful. It gives hope to restart something, courage to follow your heart and tells that if you have the best friend like Avika, you can face any challenge that life throws on you.
Also, the bookmark in the picture is from @elocalshop 🌸
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