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A novella for beginners: Wandering Down Oak Street

A novella for beginners: Wandering Down Oak Street

Wandering down oak Street by Zaina K is an impactful short story especially for teenagers and can be for millennials as well who want to be a better version of themselves and thinks that they would require somebody's help to be that way.
The book unleashes the truth through a story that you, yourself are capable to fight the demons residing in your brain. 
The story is about a girl names Zoe who is an inquisitive teenager and thinks so much that she reaches in the subconscious dimension of her brain and that's when her life starts becoming worse than ever.
The novella is of 50-60 pages and can be finished in a single read. The language and plotting is good but I wouldn't recommend this to beginners. 
My message to Zaina: Dear, you've done an incredible work and trust me you're gonna achieve a lot in the same field. I would love to read your future works. Good luck buddy!
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