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A paranormal romance novel

A paranormal romance novel

QOTD: What has been the best read for you of this month?
Well, mine is The Tragic Tale Of Teddy Woven by Peter Grey.
Here's the review of it:
The Tragic Tale Of Teddy Woven is a paranormal romance novel written very beautifully. This is one of the best books I've ever read.
This is the story of a 34-year old man named Theodore Woven and 'Teddy' by his mother. He lives in a big mysterious ancestral mansion alone which was believed to be surrounded by some spirits.
Sella is a temporary gardener who was working in teddy's garden in the absence of Daphene. Sella falls in love with Teddy even after being warned by the villagers.
The plot is refreshing and the story is intriguing.
Language used in the book is crispy and it made me learn a lot of new words.
The narration is awesome. Awesome enough to keep the reader hooked.
I didn't feel to quit it at any moment while reading because narration and the story both are good.
Author has a fantastic sense of imagination.
This is the first paranormal romance I read and I'm glad to do that. I totally enjoyed it.
This is good for beginners as well. I would recommend this to everyone.
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