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Beauty Unbottled

Beauty Unbottled

This is the first book about Ayurveda which I've read.
'Beauty Unbottled' by Kavita Khosa is an amalgamation of beauty tips, the remedies to cure dry as well as oily skin and how to take care of skin on daily basis using purely natural ingredients.
The book is divided into 5 parts and includes most of the things which are common yet unknown. From the cure of hair to skin and lips.
Overall, everything is well-explained. I liked how she has tabulated data at some places which made it easier to understand.
Author knows very well how to make the reader complete her book as soon as possible.
Language used is easy, making it beginner-friendly. Anybody, who is concerned about her skin and want to get brighter, healthy and smooth skin, must pick up this book.
Book also deals with our daily practices which should be avoided because they degrades the skin.
This is a must read for everyone.
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