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I wanna grow up once again

I wanna grow up once again

I am every mistake I ever made
I am every person I have ever hurt
I am every word I have ever said
I am made of flaws...
~ Dr. Sumit Goel, I wanna grow up once again

I do not read non-fiction often but yeah, if Dr Sumit is going to write another, I'll surely go for it.
This book is different from al the self help books I've read. This is easy to relate, contains facts and have positivity and hope in its pages.
The book has three parts :
Breaking the patterns
and they are further divided into 11 parts.
Chapters are not very lengthy and it should especially be read by teenagers or those who think that their world would end if they fails once in their lives.
Author is himself a professional life coach and his book is really worthy to be read.

Life is not about surviving the storm,
It's about dancing in the rain.
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