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I'm again here with another poetry book: Mist - Cry of a soul by Nigama RV
Well, this is very short. There are only 60 poetries in the book.
Author has written all the poems very beautifully and they all have the essence of life, death, worries, love, joy and all the emotions we all experience in our lives.
The poems are short and simple.
It has been written like the layers of mist and author is revealing them one after another.
Every poem has a unique background behind it which adds to the beauty of the book. Poems are full of emotions. 
Language used in poems is lucid and very easy to understand.
The book is overall awesome.
This is a short read. You, the poetry lovers.. I would like to recommend this to you as it would take 15-20 minutes to complete this book and you will be swimming in the pool of emotions.
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