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Moonrise and Memories

Moonrise and Memories

I will not drown,
When the tempests arise.
My ship shall sail,
Forever on the winds of hope.
Moonrise and Memories by Navaneel Kar is the reflection of a human soul. He has knitted the poems in a beautiful way. 
It has exactly 124 poems and most of them are free versed.
Poems are not based on a particular topic but deals with all the emotions a person goes through in a life.
Some of the beautiful poems, I liked are: life, why, let me be, onward, writing, our day, enduring, time and many more.
Poetry is what soothes the soul and lightens the heart and I feel light. 
The poems are in the simple language and includes the emotions like love, friendship, solitude, loneliness, etc. Silence of moon is what has inspired the author to write these poems.
The mind is like clay,
It can become parched Earth,
Where nothing grows...
Or it can be a pitcher,
Which holds cool water.
Slaking the thirst of,
Those with parched lips
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