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Mostly Normal

Mostly Normal

Mostly Normal is just perfectly normal which has lovely unedited letters of a sister for her brother. Author is the eldest sibling and feels a void for a friend which she expects to be filled by her younger brother. She waits for her younger brother with extreme enthusiasm. 
The book contains letters which she started writing in 2001, when she didn't know about tenses or correct sentence formation. 
The letters published in the book are unedited which makes the book unique.
After when she was blessed with a brother, she seemed to be on cloud nine as her long wish came out to be true but after the joy existed for a week, her family finds out that the baby would not be as other kids of his age. He had a neurological disorder. 
While, reading the book... I felt normal but as I reached on this page when family members come to know that he would not be able to speak and his one side of the body was paralyzed... that gave me goosebumps.
I just loved how hopeful the author is and how she is till trying her best to gift her brother a normal life.
Heart touching!
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