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Murder mystery: The search

Murder mystery: The search

I wish to read murder mystery when I don't feel to do anything else because it makes the mind active and tends you to see the character with open eyes while reading.

THE SEARCH, A perfect murder mystery by Vishal Anand is indeed a flawless tale with a lot of suspense and fun for me.
The story starts with a rising star singer named Roger Fernandes who was gunned long with his entourage in parking area after his stage breaking performance in Floating Casino, Goa called Big Daddy Casino.
It revolves around Roger and his band. There are 2 parallel plots running one in past and the other in present where is a successful singer and and get gunned.

The question is who killed Roger and why?

To increase your curiosity, let me tell you that daughfer of deputy chief minister fell for Roger when he was alive and Roger also felt something for her even after he was married to someone else.
Haha! Got some intriguingness?

Well, I found Sundar and ACP Rathore very supporting characters who performed their jobs wonderfully.

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