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Musaafir hai yaaron (Hindi)

Musaafir hai yaaron (Hindi)

This is the first hindi novel I read and it was an awesome read.
Musafir hain yaaron is a fabulous book written by @authoraasrinhussain which talks about lot of different and basic things included in our lives.
The story is simple yet unique. Author has tried to portray the rituals of Indian families which are still followed in many parts of India.
She has portrayed how many Indian families pressurise their children to pursue a profession according to family's choice.
There are two main characters namely Chaand and Aasia who belong to simple Indian families and are unable to fulfill the dream of their elders i.e. of becoming a doctor.
This book is divided into two parts. First, when Aasia's grandfather dies and second after his death when they pursue their dreams.
This book has 21 chapters. Narration is easy.
It also focuses towards one's lifeless existence and also questions about the same.
If you are an avid reader and loves to gather new experiences, then don't miss this one!
#qotd : How many languages can you read or write?
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