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My personal favourite: THE GIRL I MET THAT NIGHT

My personal favourite: THE GIRL I MET THAT NIGHT

I don't know from where to start, I have so much to say about this book and it's difficult to have it in words because what I felt while reading this masterpiece, was not usual to me.

The girl I met that night is basically a love story which is narrated by the protagonist Kabir in a monastry. He fell in love with a girl just by seeing her at a cafe while she was reading a book.
After so many struggles and after sacrificing a lot in his life, Kabir has tasted the success but he has lost his peace after meeting this girl Anamika who leaves him even when she knew that Kabir loves him.
Why did she leave?
Would she ever come back?
Would Kabir be able to find her? How?
And what if he don't?
There were a lot of questions in my mind while reading until I finished it.
Overall, the book is gripping and will not let the reader to leave the story in between. It's intriguing and you'll find 2 love stories in this book.

My day starts with school, then coaching classes and I return home by evening or early night. I feel exhausted by then and there's no time left for entertainment, outdoor activity or anything through I can connect with my soul but this holiday was very fruitful. I read this and felt so calm after a long period.

I learnt to breath.
Highly highly recommend to everyone.
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