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Pearls of Noor

Pearls of Noor

"He, the All Knowing, knows what we don't, therefore it is better to leave judgement to Him alone".
We all feel low sometimes and get misled. Well, that's common but to return to your original path as a better human is rare.
Pearls of Noor is an autobiography through which author @pearlsofnoor_ motivates to live life naturally, positively and calmly. Author has shared her story as well of how she lost her path and her endeavor to be connected with the Almighty again. She has shared her story as a Muslim, how she has transformed herself into a different person by correcting her mistakes.
This book talks about our spiritual values, morals and the connection between the almighty and the human being. It also talks about the emotions like sorrow, excitement, grief, happiness and depression. It leads you how to live a beautiful life which seems inspiring for the people of all the religions. She brings our attention towards the main motive of ours and that how we have forgotten about Akhira and runs after worldly affairs. She has talked about the peace which one gets when they are closer to almighty and that we should have faith and trust on the Almighty.
Everyone wants to improve him/herself and I think that reading this book will motivate the person to initiate improving.
The way she has included poems in the beginning and Imaan Firmations in the end is remarkable. It has added a taste to the book. It was overall a heartwarming and soul touching read. I wish I could own a paperback of this book and I would read it again and again.
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