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Reverberation of a Timepiece

Reverberation of a Timepiece

Time plays extremely important role in our lives. In this fast paced world, every extra minute has a cost. This is the era where we want to save time as much as possible and need to haste most of the chores to get them done before or on time. Hence, wristwatches become an integral part of our lives which enable us to keep a track and we can just glance over it and keep track. However, mobile phones have replaced it but still most of the people still carry it as an accessory.

Unlike the author who is graphologist, none of us has thought about the impact of wristwatches on on our lives. How they impact our work, relations and a lot more which will make you wonder.

Author has done a lot of research on it and has jotted all of that in this book. Moreover, there are few things mentioned here with which I do not agree, hence I will research about them.

Well, if you're an enthusiastic learner then you must pick it up to gain some new knowledge.

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