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Riding the De(mon)

Riding the De(mon)

I don't know exactly from where to start today. This book is from those books which completely changed my perception about them. It didn't seem intriguing by its cover but after I started reading it, I completed it in 2 sitting because it has the ability to hook the reader and make him/her intrigued about itself. The book cover fits well with the story but could have been better.

The story is incredible and made me more enthusiastic about tech, data science and the life in US. These are among those I had always wanted to pursue and achieve in my life too.

The book is set up during the period of demonitization, how riches especially politicians and buisnessmen exchanged and hide their money, how it turned out to be, etc. That's a long and interesting story which anybody would love to know, I guess.

This book gave me an idea about author's intelligence and knowledge. I must say that he is an ocean of knowledge.

No matter who you are and which genre you read, you should pick this as your next read. This is overall a marvelous story to enjoy and gain knowledge as well.

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