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Success isn't a Problem, our Ignorance is

Success isn't a Problem, our Ignorance is

We all are hungry for success, we strive to work harder and more efficiently but there's procrastination which comes in between our flow of work and comforting moment.

Few things that are common among successful people include consistency, not being self-centred, taking actions, not being disillusioned by the comfort of smart work and a lot more.

Magan Kalra within his book 'Success isn't a Problem, Our Ignorance is' has written 8 chapters on such topics which highlights the DO's and DONT's on the way to success. Author has provided readers with the activity questions at the end of each chapter which is named as ACT, Acknowledge. Contemplate. Take Action. which is what adds uniqueness and effectiveness to his work here.

Each chapter starts with a quote, an additional thing I personally liked about it. Also, there are blogs provided at the end of this book authored by Magan Kalra himself.

This is a much needed book for Aspirants who needs to be pushed once in a while towards their goal. Afteral, it is our ignorance which sometimes misle us from our way.
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