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Looking at the book cover, what is the first thing that comes in your mind about genre? 
Well, I assumed it to be to be an autobiography which it is not.
The book Swapna is a sequel to "The saga of Shom and Raima" . Swapna has been set up in 90's during the Indian independence in Calcutta.
The protagonist of the story is Harry who was born in Calcutta but moved to Mumbai for his business and set up various factories there itself. Harry used to visit his birthplace at intervals and he saw it being converted into a city of grief.
Once upon a time, Calcutta used to be one of the best cities after London but it no longer is.
Author has written about his love for his birthplace. Many things have been described which felt like watching it while happening but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. If you're willing to read this, then I would recommend you to read it's prequel first for better understanding. Tbh, I felt few plot holes at various places in this book. 
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