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Self-help books generally donot seem appealing to me but this caught my eye because of the title 'THE 3I EFFECT' which intrigued me to pick it up.
This book aims to be a guide of each individual, individually, whether he/she is a high school graduate, college student, job seeker, employed, leader or the one tied with the thread of marriage.
The best thing is that it is divided as per the need of reader.
If reader is student, he will found something realistic for sure. Also, my favourite part of the book is 'For the College Student'. I'm in a first year of college; even got admission month back in one of the best universities of India and I must say that the way author has written is totally simple yet useful and practical.
I haven't hanged out with new friends het because of being a nerd and was planning for a movie as everybody would make a face whenever I would deny to join them for jamming sessions or canteen. But again, this motivated me to be myself and focus on why I'm here? To achieve my goals or to hangout with my batchmates? Is it what I studied day and night for?
If I would have read it earlier, my favourite part would have been 'For the high school graduate'.
I'm sure, everyone who will pick this book will surely love this and find it relatable.
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