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The Alchemist : A decent read for the newie readers as well as others

The Alchemist : A decent read for the newie readers as well as others

"Follow your dreams and listen to your heart." The Alchemist is a fantastic book that actually depicts this very line. Paulo Coelho attempts to show us what it's like to never give up on your dream and what you obtain after pursuing it all the way to the end through his protagonist, Santiago. The plot revolves around Santiago, a shepherd who is chasing a reoccurring dream. A youngster advises him to look for wealth at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids during his dream. A gypsy lady interprets his dream, which is later determined by a mystical old man claiming to be the King of Salem. The tale just gets more intriguing from here.

He meets various individuals, is robbed, falls in love, and learns his latent visionary skills while travelling to Egypt. Regardless of whether it was heaven or hell, he continued to travel and pursue his ambition until he realized it. This book was extremely encouraging and inspiring to me. Not only that, but Paulo's description of nature is truly imaginative. Despite the fact that the book has received conflicting reviews from readers, I thought it was fantastic . It was the first book I ever read, and I fell in love with it. So, if you haven't read it yet, or if you're a complete beginner looking for a decent book, I highly recommend it.

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