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The Battle of Rezang La: A battle solely fought for patriotism

The Battle of Rezang La: A battle solely fought for patriotism

A number of valiant wars have been fought to safeguard India's land both before and after independence. Many of these wars were quickly documented in history in gilded letters. While others found their spots by displaying evidence of their martyred bodies and patriotic demeanor. The Conflict of Rezang La was one such battle. I didn't know much about the battle until I read Kulpreet Yadav's great novel, The Battle of Rezang La. 

Nearly 5000 Chinese troops were halted at Rezang La Pass by 120 soldiers from the Charlie Company of the 13 Kumaon Battalion, Kumaon Regiment. Only Ahir Jawans made up the company. They were all from the plains of Haryana and the surrounding areas, and it was difficult for them to acclimate to 18,000 feet, let alone battle with heavy weapons. Despite this, they kept marching forward, fueled by their passion for their motherland. 

The author has done an excellent job of portraying the gallantry of the 119 Indian soldiers led by Major Shaitan Singh in a combat whose outcome was previously known. He represented the brutality of combat, the troops' valor, and their burning willpower despite a paucity of arms and weaponry, as well as manpower and the repercussions of a poor defense policy. Furthermore, the author has included additional notes after each chapter to help the readers understand the defensive stance of India back then. 

So, if you haven't read this book yet, get a copy and read it. I highly recommend this book to history and non-fiction lovers. 

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