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The Efflorescence

The Efflorescence

You are my favorite book,
Everyday I want to read,
So that I can extract honey,
With every new chapter,
I find different versions of yours trickly old theories.
Drive me crazy,
And I fall for you more and more.
-Aanchal Arora (the efflorescence)
Well, today I'm writing about a poetry book named-The Efflorescence by Aanchal Arora.
This is a poetry book which describes many phases of one's life. In this book, She talks about her love and the mentality, that society posses for a girl. It also includes many social evils in our country like rape and being judgemental about one's character. 
The poet has written a lot for her love in this book which includes her desires and wishes, her feelings after she feels broken and she heels, her message for her loved ones and the readers as well. She has described everything using her beautiful art i.e. of playing with words. 
This book is divided into 4 parts.
1. Efflorescence
2. Gloominess
3. Recuperate
4. Integrality
Among all, my favourite poem is from INTEGRALITY:
World is like a sea,
full of different species,
some wille like you,
some will adore you,
It's all on you.
How will you react to action.
And lead,
Your Life.
This book can be finished in a single read.
I decided to read it after the exams. So, I kept it in my school bag and on the last day of exam, I started reading it while returning to home and finished in half of the way.
I didn't know that before. Otherwise, I would have read it the on the day, it reached me. Haha!
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