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The lover in my dreams is a magnificent story with awesome storytelling.
When, I first read the title I was not sure if I would like the book or not because I thought it would be a simple story about dreaming ones love but this proves me wrong.
This is a unique story with so many twists and suspenses. The way it has been narrated is remarkable and I found it heart touching.
The story starts with a girl named Naina who is the protagonist. She is born and raised in an orthodox family where she lives her life according to her parents. She is about to complete her MBA and her parents are looking a groom for her but Naina is afraid and tensed because she wouldn't be asked if she likes that guy or not. Guruji, a family priest told Naina that she would be married to her lover from previous birth but it would still be an arranged marriage. She wants to live her life independently.
Meanwhile, she meets a guy named Raghav who is badly crazy for her and can do anything to keep her happy. There's another guy called Veerain, comes in her life.
To whom would Naina marry?
Was guruji's prediction correct?
The book is interestingly plotted and so well narrated.
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