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Are you a leader?
What are qualities that make a leader different from others?

Where there are a lot of fiction and non-fiction books all around. Here is an amalgamation of both fiction and non-fiction which seems absolutely exciting.

The cover of the book is brilliantly designed which shows that a lamb has the shadow of a lion. The language is lucid. Author has a style and vocabulary of his own which is applaudable.

This is a story of herd of lambs and fable of lions of Mau forest in East Africa which is ruled by King Kaizaar who only supports the powerful races in the jungle and especially of lions.

In the story, lions used to attack herd of lambs who were physically weaker than them. Lions used to attack unnecessarily; not for need but for greed which is simply the violation of laws of the Jungle.

This story is about how these weak lambs decided to fight back against lions with Kesan (a minister lion, who wanted to end this brutality and bring justice to lambs) and Shuja (prince of lambs) by their side.

How will these lambs face lions?

This book teaches that everyone of us is as strong as lion. The mightier we will believe, the mightier we will feel. Everyone of us can do wonders if we once make it goal.

I would recommend this to every reader even to beginners as well.
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