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The Wise Man Said

The Wise Man Said

'The Wise Man Said' as the title itself explains what's the book all about. Before reading this book, I thought it to be the book composed of quotes and psychological facts. While after reading this book, I realised and found it completely different.
The Wise man said by Priya Kumar is the book I would suggest everyone to read. The author has won 20 international and national awards for her writing.
The book starts with the time when she was clueless about what to write for her book and the publisher gave her 24 hrs to submit the manuscript.
While roaming clueless and thinking about the same, she meets a man who introduces himself as Sammy; the protagonist of the story.
The story is all about the diary; the diary of Sammy's journey which Sammy left for her and took her scarf in return.
After reading the story, I was pushed by my soul to this Wise man Sammy and so does author.
The P.P.S. at the end of each chapter adds this book more value. The points are indeed true and gives immense satisfaction.
My favourite chapter from this book is - The Man who gave too much.
The intensity of emotions author possesses to meet Sammy made me feel how incomplete and helpless would she be feeling.
Definitely, recommend to all.
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