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Was she mine

Was she mine

Feel, and fill spaces, rather than making one!
- Bajrang Sultania, Was She Mine

WAS SHE MINE by Bajrang Sultania has been published by Fanatixx publication in 2021.

The book starts with the conversation of author with reader about how and why he has picked this book and should he continue to read it further.
The story revolves around Ved who is an enthusiastic CA aspirant and clears the exam whilst his friend Susan doesn't. The story continues with both of them as the main characters.

Although, author has a good writing style but the story is very slow paced and I am not satisfied with the narration.
Due to extra information and dialogues, the main plot seems to be disturbed. The story was engaging in the beginning but I felt disconnected in between the story and felt like quitting. But again it improved towards the ending.

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