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You are a star ✨🌻

You are a star ✨🌻

Do you wanna be successful? Of course! Who wouldn't?
What do you so for it? 
Are you constantly preparing to achieve what you've planned or you get distracted?
Well, Dr. Amarja Nagre is here with his book called 'You Are A Star' first published in 2021 which is a non fiction.
I donot like non-fiction books much but this is one of those books I would be recommending to everyone.
The book is divided into 10 parts:
1. Aim High And Honour Yourself
2. Is There Anything Called Failure?
3. Are You A Procrastination King?
4. Time Management - Achieve More!
5. The Famous Five
6. Self-discipline - Assures Success
7. Overthinking - Bring It To A Halt!
8. No Substitute For Hard Work
9. Winning Over Negative Thoughts
10. Distractions - Manage Your Phone And Friends
Each and every chapter of this book is amazingly written and everything is effective.
Author has discussed her own experiences which makes it more realistic and Language used is simple due to which it is easy to read even for beginner readers.
Author has discussed her own journey of achieving her success; from MBBS to MD and after MD to DM as well.
The way she has jotted down all the points felt like my teacher is telling me all this to keep in mind.
The book has a lot of knowledge. We all are not achievers but we admire the one who is...
And sometimes it clicks in our minds like what is the thing which he/she has or do which I donot have or I do not do.
Well, we all are hard workers, difference is that sometimes, we donot get much guidance, lack self-discipline and overthinking or negative thoughts may be the reason...
This book has all of it. The book tells you why this happens and what should one do to deal with it.
Don't miss this gem!
About the Author:
Dr Amarja Nagre is a highly accomplished cardiac anaesthesiologist, international academic speaker and a successful mentor. She is the founder of vastly acclaimed academic website:
She is an academician par excellence known for her teaching skills. She is a multitasker with energy ad infinitum. She thoroughly believes “The longevity of hard work is what works!”
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