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You Are Being Watched

You Are Being Watched

Who doesn't love reading mysteries or crime stories blended with suspense? Well, I'm a huge fan of this genre and hence was extremely excited to read 'You are Being Watched' by Diptendu Chakraborty.

I don't want to give spoiler, hence will talk about the story and plotting first. As far as story is concerned, it is fantastically framed. I expect that author has been into thos genre for years. The way he has created suspense and blended with storytelling is really appreciative.
Plot of the book is good too with open ending which is what gives it an essense of ancient masterpieces but the writing style is somewhat below my expectations. It's not formatted properly at many places and I found few spelling and grammatical mistakes as well.
Author possess great storytelling skills but somewhat the book is lacking in formatting.

Recommended to all of you're looking for short and crisp read.

My ratings: 3/5
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