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You are still the one

You are still the one

YOU ARE STILL THE ONE by Himanshu Rai has been published by fingerprint publications in 2022.
It is the story of a teenage girl, who is 17; aspiring to be a soldier like her father. She lost her mother at a very young age and has considered her mother as nature since then.
This is the story of love, smile, friendship, courage, faith and hope. I love each and every character of the story. Author has penned each of them so beautifully that any reader is not going to leave the book in between. I started reading this to relieve my stress and guess what, I could not resist myself from completing this although I had an exam the next day.
The story starts with Trisha when she was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age. Her father takes her to Delhi for treatment where she meets my favourite character of the story i.e. the son of Trisha's doctor, Aditya.
While reading the story, I somehow had the vibe similar to that of The FAULT IN OUR STARS BY JOHN GREEN. This story and the writing style of the author is flawless and we can call it a visual writing.
Overall, initially story seems to be a fairytale but it was heart-breaking in the end. It left me with tears. Language is lucid and writing style is perfect. 
I'm excited to read more from the same author. Sending you my best wishes for your future writings sir.

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