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Have you ever kept wondering what others will think about you in the choices you make and decisions you take, giving birth to fear of getting judged?
If yes, then you are a perfect reader for this book.
Firstly, the title YOU WILL SAIL THROUGH 'it all seems impossible in the beginning' holds the power to get attention of readers.
This is totally inspirational and motivational book in which author has discussed a lot of his experiences, which most of millennials experience. Many turmoils through which they cannot cope with and as a result, they end up losing their jobs, health and many more things.
Not only the situations, but Author has also discussed the ways to sail through them and learnings he got.
Every situation/scene is fully described.
This book mainly talks about Millennials but being a Teenager, I could totally relate with it like that non-constructive criticism and emotional turmoil.
When I was just to finish the book, I was not in the best of my spirits and ofcourse not in a good mood but when I read Maddy's theorem multiple times along with the last line of the book, I smiled at myself and honestly; that made me energetic and I could feel blissness and fulfilment.
I'll recommend this book to everyone out there once in a lifetime.
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