Arhar Toor Dal- 1 kg

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Arhar Dal / Toor Dal is a popular dal in our country mostly because of its flavor. Prepare dal fry or sambhar, puranpoli or a sweet-sour dal, it completes the Indian dish with its distinctive inherent flavor, smell and nutrition. This slightly syrupy, nutty flavored lentil is easily digestible.


Arhar Dal / Tool Dal is one of the best sources of protein and are free of fat and cholesterol. They are rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium &magnesium. The high fibre content makes them very nutritious. These are excellent for weight conscious vegetarians as they are a good source of protein equivalent to that of meat. They possess anti-inflammatory properties and help enhance digestive system functionalities.

How To Make

Arhar Dal / Toor Dal is soaked prior to cooking and is extensively used in Indian cuisine for its ability to blend with ingredients when tempered properly. They are mainly used to make sambar or other dal recipes. They are also used as a stuffing for sandwich or as a base for sweet meats and desserts.

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