Reader's Mark Handpainted Pink Flower Bookmark (1 Piece)

Reader's Mark Handpainted Pink Flower Bookmark (1 Piece)

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Have you ever been reading and lost your place when you return? It's terrible as you leaf through the book and read bits of the future plot, because this spoils the story. Don’t fret, we have a solution for you! To avoid this in the future, you need to use a bookmark, like all good book-lovers do and avoid the frustration. Bookmarks are the perfect way to mark your place. However, they aren't only for marking your place in the book or magazine you are reading, they can be a perfect gift to give out during special occasions as well. Anyone doesn’t have to be an avid reader to appreciate this colorful and stylish hand-painted inspiring Reader's Mark Bookmarks.

This is a special bookmark for special people. Whether you are an ordinary reader or a bookworm, these bookmarker set would never disappoint. Give this to love ones or to yourself. You will definitely not be disappointed!

Great Gift For Book Lovers

Bookmarks for Books - Great gift idea. Bookmarks are a great gift for any loved one or friend, specially those who are into paintings


  • Unique and Appealing Designs
  • Tear-resistant & Water Proof
  • Laminated Bookmarks with Ribbon

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