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Fengshui Turtle Plate

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This beautiful pure copper turtle and copper pond dish gives a regal appeal for bedroom / home / office decoration, wherever you want to spread divine energy and good luck. Dimensions of the tortoise are 1 Inch X 1.5 Inch and weighs approximately 8 grams. The copper dish has a diameter of 2.25 Inches and weighs approximately 10 grams. The dish has a capacity of 10 ml water with the feet of turtle dipped in. Symbolizes wealth, power and success. Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around us. Placement: Placing a turtle image or showpiece in the South East wealth sector attracts wealth luck and protects the wealth of the owner. Placement under the bed or near bed helps you sleep better at night. When kept on the work desk helps in career luck progression and success fame. Keeping a tortoise at the east sector of home improves and promotes healthy environment. The turtle / tortoise is a luck enhancer. As per Feng Shui this celestial animal blesses the owner with money, peaceful sleep, longevity, healthy lifestyle, financial gain and career progression. As per Chinese mythology, a tortoise is believed to live 3 times longer than even a crane! A symbol of longevity and long healthy life as per Indian and Chinese traditions, the tortoise is a feng shui talisman of safeguard and immunity to evil intentions.

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  • Keeping this yantra at office, shop, factory, prayer's room & where financial & business deals are made, it can helps to flourish us and to get rid of bad luck.Tortoise Is Gifted With Long Life Therefore In Vastu Shastra And In Feng Shui It Gives Long Life. Wish fulfilling tortoise: It is slogan of "Health is Wealth".This will make your life longer and more opportunities of progress will come your way. It is kept in a plate filled with water. It is kept on Pooja place or in North of the house.

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