Green chillis-1 kg

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Chilli plants make great gifts for the cook or grow your own enthusiast. The more compact varieties will thrive in a cool conservatory, sheltered patio, or even a sunny window sill and the more you crop them the more they produce.

Green chillies are a versatile ingredient that are mostly used in savouries including vegetables, chutneys, salads and a range of other condiments. But these days, it is being combined with chocolate and sweeter ingredients to create knockout deserts too. Chillies can also be added to buttermilk for enhancing flavour and providing you with health benefits.


Green chillies are a spicy treat but they are great for your health. It is rich in a variety of vitamins like A and C. Alongside, it is also laden with Capsaicin, which is known for boosting metabolism and also reducing hunger pangs, thus helping you lose weight.

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