Human Geography

Human Geography

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‘Human Geography’ is a book that has been written by the renowned author Majid Husain. ‘Human Geography' can be deemed as a part of the 'reference book' segment. It gives a detailed analysis on the concept of the evolution of humans in the vicinity of the Indian sub-continent. The book talks about the impact of this evolution in the sub-continent in detail. It also cites various features, facts and details about the different races and culture of people inhabiting. The book also gives a researched analysis on the culture and customs and how they have grown and developed over the years. The research shows impact of geographical factors, such as the presence of water resources like rivers and lakes. The fertility of agricultural land has aided the development and growth of civilization in this area.

The ideologies of the author are supported by ample number of examples. One of the most important topics in the book is that of the population and the growth of the population which has been affected mainly by geographical factors.

About the author

The book ‘Human Geography’ has been written by Majid Husain, a professor of Geography, whose name has become synonymous with the growth of geographical research in the country. He is the head of the department of Geography in one of the leading universities, Jamia Millia Islamia which is located in New Delhi. The author is known for writing more than fifty books on the subject most of which are recommended as university syllabus. The book is also ideal for competitive exam preparation including some test by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and has been published by Rawat Publications.

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