Jeet Aapki Hindi of You Can Win

(Old Paperback)

Jeet Aapki Hindi of You Can Win (Old Paperback)

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Jeet Aapki: Kaamyabi Ki Or Le Jaane Vali Seedi is popular among the Hindi book reader. The book is released primarily in English, named You can Win: A Step-by-Step Too. The writer convincingly covey that winners don’t do any extraordinary things, but they do things extraordinarily. The book is humorous and is easy to understand, as the author selects a rather practical example to address how primeval knowledge and contemporary thinking could be composed in order to simplify idea and eliminates day to day life misperceptions.

Shiv Khera’s optimistic words take the best instances from lives of men and women who have flourished in all that they did, through sheer extreme effort and in themselves. The book is a standard for positive thinking and a staunch illustrative of the conviction that one needs to t win, to succeed in life. Shiv Khera takes life’s small lessons and shows us that helping other people is helping ourselves. More than 26 lakh duplicates of this book have been sold and has been meant more than 16 language.

About the author:

Shiv Khera is an Indian writer of self-help books. He has written four bestsellers: You Can Win, Living with Honour, Freedom Is Not Free and You Can Sell. Born in a business family, Shiv Khera worked as a car washer, a life insurance agent and a franchise operator before moving on to motivational speaking where he found his calling.



This is best book of my life.It saved my life.If this book was not in my hand I was commited suicide.Every line of this book is a question.Please friend you must have this book. --By saket sahu on 12 August 2015

Great Book. I suggest to all ages people Must Buy & Read this Book. very inspirational book. Thank you Sir Shiv Khera for Giving Us this Book. --By A Customer on 9 January 2016

Amazing book from Shiv Khera. I consider this book as one of my best friend,best mentor. thanks Shiv Khera to write such a wonderful book.I usually gift this book to them whom i want to see growing.100 stars from my side. I recommend this book for every one in the earth. --By A Customer on 19 December 2015

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