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Laughing Buddha Fen Shui for good luck & success- Golden (set of 6)

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  • 6 Laughing Buddha Statues; each about 2" tall
  • Each Buddha figurine represents a blessing
  • These symbols of positivity are perfect to bring into your home or office.
  • Place in your home, store, office, to bring peace and enhance positive energy

Golden 6 Laughing Budaha For Home & Offices Decoration Beautiful detail in these six little buddhas. Styles vary and they will be a delight as a gift or even in your home. In China Maitreya is known as "the laughing Buddha" and is usually represented as a rotund figure with a happy disposition. His Chinese name is Pu-tai Ho-shang or "Hemp-bag monk". He is originally a fertility figure who was known to bring "goodies" in his bag to local townsfolk, especially children. Later, he became a pre-incarnation of Maitreya. In Japan he is called Hotei and is one of the seven lucky gods. The laughing Buddha is a great uplifting statue to bring into your home. The different poses of the Buddha are meant to bring positive energy, wealth and abudance, general good luck, spiritual insight and understanding, and a long happy life.