Multi-Layer 5-in-1 Plastic Hanger Clothes Organiser for Wardrobe, Shirts, Ties, Pants [Pack of 2 piece]

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✅[2 PIECES] Multiple shirts, pants, ties can be hung at the same time on this hanger, space saving, cupboard organiser perfect size and good quality. ✅Multi tier hangers are designed to maximize closet space and hold pants,Towels, Shawls securely on a surface to prevent slipping. ✅The hangers have swivel hooks and 5 trouser bars. As hanger specialists we know a thing or two about these wardrobe essentials. ✅Standard sized dimensions When measured using a standard measuring device, the recorded size of each hanger is L X 34cm B X 34 cm. They are standard sized to fit any standard sized wardrobe.

Length: 14.0 (in inches)
Width: 1.0 (in inches)
Height: 14.0 (in inches)
Country of Origin: India

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