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Asafoetida is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine. It has a very strong and unique odor, unpleasant when raw but in cooked dishes it gives a unique flavor.Temper dals, curries, upmas, rasam, soups etc. using hing for an added flavor and aroma. It can also be added to lentils and vegetables while boiling.Be the kitchen cognoscente as you add a delicious tadka to your dishes with this premium and strongly aromatic hing. Being the most essential ingredient of the Indian cuisine, Asafoetida gives a unique flavor and taste to your food somewhat earthy garlicky aroma.A perfect spice for those who don't eat onion and garlic hing makes the curries and the gravies taste much more yummy. You may temper dals(as in Dal Tadka), vegetables, rasam, upmas, soups, etc. and make them lipsmacking. And not just tasty, hing is beneficial to health as well. It is a natural remedy for colic in babies. Asafoetida acts as an anticoagulant, lowers blood pressure and aids digestion.Hand Pounded || Strong Flavour || Afghani Hing. All products from are made with handpicked.

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle
Quantity (gm): 25.0 (in grams)
Quantity (kg): 0.03 (in kg)
Country of Origin: India

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