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एक ख़्वाब : A Hindi poetry collection

एक ख़्वाब : A Hindi poetry collection

एक ख़्वाब is a poetry book written by Anshul Tayal, first published in 2021 by notion press.
The theme of the book is dream as it can be observed by the title.
Author has written poetries for his love among which some of them seems open letter with rhymes.
The book has a total of 21 poems.
The first poem is of DREAM and the last is of LOVE i.e. The book starts where the author describes his dream and ends at love.
If you're someone who loves to read love poems and have proficiency in this language, go for it. You're gonna have great time.
The only thing is disliked about it is the formatting of the book, rest of it is good to go.
Strongly recommend to those who are habitual to read Hindi poetry books.
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐/5
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