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  • DARE TO LIVE by Himanshu Bhatia
    September 16, 2023 Sana Ilahi

    DARE TO LIVE by Himanshu Bhatia

    Have you ever thought of giving up on something? Or had you choose one between the two? Well!  we all have done it at least once in our lives either because we lose interest for that particular thing or we...

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  • World Suicide Prevention Day
    September 12, 2023 Sana Ilahi

    World Suicide Prevention Day

    On this World Suicide Prevention Day, I am deeply privileged to reintroduce 'Their Agony,' a project that has been a heartfelt endeavor filled with hope and profound significance. As the compiler behind this work, I've had the distinct honor of...

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  • In Loving Memory
    June 15, 2023 Sana Ilahi

    In Loving Memory

    Have you ever felt for someone? IN LOVING MEMORY is the second novel by Daniel Paul singh (genre: Romantic Thriller) published by Kalamos Publication in 2021. The book is divided into two parts: 1. In Love 2. In Memory Both...

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