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DARE TO LIVE by Himanshu Bhatia

DARE TO LIVE by Himanshu Bhatia

Have you ever thought of giving up on something? Or had you choose one between the two?

Well!  we all have done it at least once in our lives either because we lose interest for that particular thing or we have to give up due to circumstances.

Would you like to know the story of such a person who was awesome in most of the things but still had to compromise and what did he do after he realises it?

Dear to live is a second book by Himanshu Bhatia published by Thomas Press India in 2021.
The story revolves around the protagonist who is an IIT-IIM graduate, honest and hardworking.

His colleagues and boss used to appreciate him for his dedicated contribution in every project and that's why he decided for a better job where he was working under the manager named Mandira.
Does it seem simple to you? Well! there's much more after this which will not the which will not let the reader to leave it in between.

Book cover is just fantabulous which is describing the theme of the book very well. Also, the narration is smooth which kept me engaged till the end.
The book throws a light on some demerits of Corporate World and you would see how our author tells it in an awesome way. I somewhere left the interest in the middle but enjoyed till end.

Would recommend it to all the fiction lovers our there.

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